level 1: Echo

Adopts the language and the aims of the movement.

Promotes ideas that foster unity and discourage division.


Show up

level 2: participant

Learns about others through relationship not second-hand information.

Shows up at events and places where there are opportunities to learn about and/or engage with other ethnic groups and wealth classes.



speak up

level 3: Voice

Speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Engages in their personal world of family, friends, classmates, and co-workers to promote behaviors that honors those of other ethnic groups.

create opportunities for relationship

level 4: Connector

Connects people of different worlds so they may thrive together for the greater good.


build tomorrow together

Level 5: Peacemaker

Multiplies impact by intentionally working with others outside of their familiar sphere of life and raising up leaders and teams who represent the populations of their cities and communities.

Identifies hindrances and limitations to change in underperforming systems, discovers solutions, and creates bridges of hope together with those who have shared values and shared vision.


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