Education InitiativE

Our movement path for systemic change is simple. Identify the problem, discover solutions, find those who have shared values and shared vision, then work together to reach greater goals.

This initiative is an invitation to the caring citizens of Greater Oklahoma City who would consider making a difference for children who are in underperforming schools and difficult life situations.

3-part plan

1: Mentoring relationships

10,000+ MENTORS – Partner with local media, businesses, and churches to do a citywide campaign to achieve a specific numerical goal that would provide one caring adult (or mentoring relationship) for every child who needs one.

2: partnering with parents

Train mentors in how to keep healthy and empowering relationships with parents, if at all possible, in order to build a sustainable bridge of hope for families.

3: supporting teachers and schools

Develop local partnerships that will help provide basic supplies (that are in short supply), volunteers, and encouragement for teachers.

How will this work?

find a unifying theme

that leads to one public-facing website, Facebook page, or app that will allow potential mentors to begin the screening process and be assigned to a local organization that is stewarding a specific school (or schools).

build a collaborative

of likeminded mentoring programs and leaders who have the infrastructure and relationships to assign, support, and coach volunteers.

do the stuff

that it takes (like events, celebrations, conferences, trainings, and media campaigns) to keep momentum behind this conversation until every child is cared for, every parent is envisioned, and every teacher and school is fully cared for by a community of neighbors and supportive organizations.

why education?

Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery.” Horace Mann

There are several challenges in education that have troubled Oklahoma City Public Schools and many other school districts. While policy impacts these challenges, no law can make up for the impact that ONE CARING ADULT will have on a child’s life.

According to the Flourish OKC Field Guide on Education published by SALLT (Salt And Light Leadership Training), the current state of Oklahoma City Public Schools (as of January 2019) is as follows:

Largest school district | 46,000 students | 88 schools (55 elementary, 16 secondary, 2 alternative, and 15 charter) | 4,600 employees

Demographics – 53% Hispanic, 23% African American, 14% Caucasian, 3% American Indian, 2% Asian … representing 52 different languages

18% of 3rd grade students scoring proficient in reading for OSTP



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