4th Annual Bridge Conference.



3rd Annual Crossing the Bridge Justice Conference.

The Urban Missions Project – a coalition of over 8 non-profits and churches which specialize in reaching distressed communities. This team came together to help churches and non-profits address poor cross-cultural relationships and discover how to love communities of concentrated poverty.

This team birthed the Neighbors Conference to be launched in May of 2019 with several pastors and churches in attendance.



2nd Annual Crossing the Bridge Justice Conference.

United Voice Oklahoma – John Rossi, a former General Manager of Fox TV in Oklahoma, attended the Justice Conference and was amazed at how the race conversation was handled in such a healthy way. He used his relationships to invite all of the tv stations to work together to promote a healthy dialogue on race.

The Equity Workgroup (which became the new landing space for those who served in the NE and Community Connections meetings and) partners to host the annual Bridge conference.

This group also birthed The 18-Year-Gap Campaign – a billboard and media blitz aimed at bringing awareness to present-day disparities in life expectancy based on zip code.



1st Annual Crossing the Bridge Justice Conference birthed.

The Dinner Conversation on Race and Unity in partnership with The Oklahoman and OCCHD (in the wake of the deaths of two unarmed black men and five Dallas police officers). This event was attended by most of the surrounding police chiefs, some fire chiefs, a former mayor, former governor, superintendent, business and government leaders, and many more.

This event birthed…

Live Dinner Conversation with 14 leaders and influencers in Greater Oklahoma City in the studio at The Oklahoman.

Hosted the Celebrate Unity OKC event in November to acknowledge the many efforts going on across the city to facilitate healthy dialogue on race.



Selma Movie event – On January 9th, an ethnically mixed group of 70 leaders were invited to view the movie Selma at Tinsletown in Oklahoma City. It was immediately followed by a dinner conversation at OCCHD’s Northeast Regional Health and Wellness Center.

This event birthed…

The dinner table framework for the first annual Crossing the Bridge Justice conference to be held in 2016 and all future conferences. Every conference features an opportunity for attendees to engage with others from different backgrounds around a meal. This has become one of the single most effective strategies for eroding walls of division and creating opportunity for new relationships and collaboratives to form.

An ongoing partnership with OCCHD as a host site for future conferences on equity and culture in OKC.

A clear direction for the newly initiated NE Community Meetings which were held at the NE Buy For Less and Smart Saver store at NE 23rd St. and Martin Luther King Dr. 


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