Stronger Together

Bridging Divides.
Awakening Compassion.
Transforming Culture.


Bridge Conference

“Passionate people making a difference.”

United Voice Oklahoma

A groundbreaking and unprecedented collaboration of local media (Television, Radio, Newspaper, and Billboards) to promote a healthy dialogue on race. The goal is to create a state of greater understanding and respect between all people in Oklahoma.

Church Unity

Strengthen the FAMILY.
Mobilize the CHURCH.
Bless the CITY.

“We will not pass division to our children.”

Five levels of engagement


You can make a difference today. Get involved on any of the 5 Levels and impact your world now. Your part matters. Join the movement and help create a bridge to a new tomorrow.

The compassion training

There is an exciting path to building a culture that makes room for everyone to flourish. It is easy and sustainable! Hundreds have enjoyed this simple, but challenging presentation.

Now, it’s your turn!

Stronger Together Events

Connect with others who have a shared vision for making our cities a place for all to flourish. We  facilitate healthy dialogue around a celebration of those who have discovered effective ideas, then work together to achieve long-term, systemic solutions.

the education initiative

We are committed to setting the next generation up for success. A great education is the standard we desire for every child in our city. It is the secret to long-term city transformation.

Join this 3-part strategy in your community to make a difference today!

A Winning Formula

Shared Values + Shared Vision = Shared Victory


Shared Values

     of care, compassion, and doing what is best for children.

Shared Vision

     of healthy, flourishing communities of hope.

Shared Victory

     from working together to make systemic change and celebrating the values and the stories we want to see spread throughout our cities.

     Stronger Together creates opportunities for leaders, doers and other community advocates to unify and make changes together that could never be accomplished apart.


Donate to Stronger Together


Division is crumbling. Compassion is rising. Culture is being transformed.

Gifts may be sent to:
1330 E. Lindsey St, Norman, OK 73071